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Jess Kennedy Williams
Author of the #1 Best-Selling Dating Book
Heartbreak-Free Dating

Dear Friend and Future Fellow Author,

You have a book in you and you would love to get it onto paper and eventually in book stores, with all the benefits being a published author brings with it…fame…fortune…the good life.

Imagine for a moment… at the beach, writing number one best-selling books, and living the life that you love, with no boss, no time clock, and no worries.

Or, perhaps you don’t really imagine yourself making a living from writing books. You may be a person who has a story to tell. It might be the story of a personal experience that you can share with the world and possibly help others. Perhaps there is something in the world you would like to change and make better, and you could do that by telling your story. Or, maybe you want to get your grandparent’s incredible life story captured before it’s too late. No matter what the reason…..



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“The How To Write Your First Book – Book Writing System makes writing your first book stress-free. I wish I had this product while writing my first book, I would have completed my book much faster. I will most Definitely be using this system to write my next book! Christina Rowe Author of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce

Okay, what’s the cost of this incredible Book Creation System?

This is your key to writing your book. You do not have to attend anymore how-to seminars and you don’t have to buy expensive programs that promise you the world and deliver Nothing. The time and money wasted on these things could add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars and still not get you started on your book. There are several book writing programs available from different sources, starting at $297. I know of two at $497 each, one for $2,495…all leading up to the mac daddy…a Three day boot camp for the bargain price of $4,995.

But, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for your How to Write Your First Book – Book Writing System is just $37.

So, what’s the catch? Why am I practically Living this program away? Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you’re accessing this Program on the internet, I have no inventory, no fulfillment costs, and I don’t have to pay an order taker to sit by the phone. So it’s a win-win situation.

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Bonus #1: 44 Answers to Your Most Pressing Book Writing Questions As a special free bonus for acting immediately, I am offering a 44 Answers to 44 Questions report, with the answers to most of the questions that are racing Through your mind at this very moment, and the answers to questions you wouldn’t even think to ask. The Knowledge you will gain from this report could take years to acquire. If I had the answer to just one of these questions when I wrote my book, I would have saved $203 in printing costs alone. You get it all here for free!…a $39.95 value.

These questions will be answered..

1. What is a book shepherd?
2. How many pages should my book contain?
3. Should I copyright my material?
4. What is a distributor?
5. What if I am afraid that no one will like what I write?
6. What is an ISBN number?
7. How do I obtain an ISBN number?
8. Do I need to be an expert to write a book?
9. Do I need an editor?
10. Where do I start?
11. Should I edit as I write?
12. Should I self-publish?
13. Do I have to be a good English student?
14. Do I have to know how to write?
15. Do I have to know how to spell?
16. Should I keep a notebook with ideas?
17. Do I have to have a lot of time?
18. How do I start a website for my book?
19. Can I sell my book on
20. How do I build a platform?
21. What is a platform?
22. Why do I have trouble getting started?
23. Hard cover or paperback?
24. What does a publisher do?
25. What does a distributor do?
26. What does a wholesaler do?
27. What will this cost?
28. Why do I feel overwhelmed?
29. Is the content in my head going to fill a whole book?
30. How do I choose chapter titles?
31. Should I use a disclaimer?
32. When is the best time to write?
33. Do I need a laptop computer?
34. Should I use a ghostwriter?
35. How do I choose a title?
36. How do I know if the title I choose is available?
37. Can I copyright my title so no one else can use it?
38. What size should my book be?
39. What is the purpose of an ISBN number?
40. What is the format of the ISBN?
41. Do I need a barcode?
42. What is an ebook?
43. Can I design my own ebook cover?
44. Why have I waited?

Bonus #2: Book Creation Checklist This is a must-have list of what to do, in order, to make the task at hand simple and easy. The Write your First Book Journey Checklist will guide you through the process, from writing your first page to seeing your finished book in your hand….a $19.95 Value.

Bonus #3: Jess’ Million Dollar Rolodex This rolodex contains the names and contact information for the movers and shakers in the book business. Years of contacts right here. This bonus alone is worth the investment…a $39.95 value.

You will get the contact information for…

1. Book Shepherds
2. Ghostwriters
3. Editors
4. Literary Agents
5. Publishers
6. Distributors
7. Graphic Designers
8. Illustrators
9. Copywriters
10. Cover Designers
11. Printers
12. Affordable Websites
13. ISBN Numbers
14. Bar Codes
15. Trademark & Copyright Office
16. Domain Name Registration
17. Dictation Services
18. Interviewers
19. Virtual Book Tours
20. Transcription Services
21. Writer’s Clubs
22. Writer’s Publications
23. Writer’s Conferences
24. Best-Seller Campaigns
25. Book Wholesalers…and more!

Together these three bonuses are worth more than 2 1/2 times your investment in the How to Write Your First Book – Book Writing System and they are yours absolutely free if you order now.

Well, there you have it. With these three bonuses, and the How to Write Your First Book – Book Writing System, you’ve got a complete system for writing your first book.

Find out if you have “first time author syndrome”

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For a very limited time, when you purchase the How To Write Your First Book – Book Writing System you will receive an additional $600 worth of valuable bonuses FREE!!

For a very limited time, when you purchase the How To Write Your First Book – Book Writing System you will receive an additional $600 worth of valuable bonuses FREE!!

  • How YOU Can Become A Best Selling Author!
  • Learn how a book can make you rich.
  • The importance of in building your network of influence
  • 7 free promotion tools that always work
  • How to sell hundreds or thousands of the books in one day
  • Six Secrets that will increase your Amazon sales results
  • How to use “best seller status” to improve your reputation, get free publicity, and create new partnerships
  • What steps you need to take to start selling books today… even if your book isn’t published yet
  • The one thing you must never do if you want to succeed as an author
  • Action steps to jump start your results

I thought about offering your choice of just one of these fabulous bonuses, but after careful consideration, I have decided to go crazy and let you have them ALL with your purchase of the Book Writing System.

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Jordan McAuley

How to Get Celebrity Endorsements
For Your Book

One of the easiest ways to make your book famous is to get a quote or endorsement from a celebrity to put on the cover. This helps skyrocket your sales and gets the attention of the media. It also makes you book more credible and you more of an expert!...
But how do you go about getting a celebrity endorsement for your book?...

That's where I come in! My name is Jordan McAuley, and I'm the Founder of an online resource that shows authors, fans, businesses, and nonprofits how to contact celebrities. My exclusive online rolodex contains the best mailing address, agent, manager, publicist, production company, and charitable cause for over 54,624 celebrities plus contact information for over 7,000 celebrity representatives and 4,000 entertainment companies...

This hour-long audio MP3 interview will reveal everything you need to know to get celebrity endorsements for your books. Plus, you'll also get a free 30 day membership with access to the celebrity rolodex.

Chris Soth

Hollywood Screenwriter Teaches You How To
Make Your Book Into a Movie!

How To Make Your Book Into a Movie, a Downloadable mp3 Recording of an In-Depth Interview With Million Dollar Screenwriter, Chris Soth

Free Membership and Subscription to Chris Soth's Million Dollar Screenwriting Newsletter

Chris Soth is the screenwriter of the movie Firestorm, and he has multiple projects in development at major Hollywood studios. Chris is currently on location for the filming of his new movie, Outrage, starring Michael Madsen. He holds an MFA in screenwriting and a BA in Dramatic Literature.


Judith and Jim

Promoting Your Book On the Road

Bestselling authors of five books, husband and wife Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski show you 193 ways to make traveling and book promotion the most fun and also lucrative (like making every trip a tax write-off - at least to some degree) when you have a book (or product) to promote.

Jeff Herring

The Web's Leading Article Marketing Expert
Reveals Two of His Most Powerful
Article Writing Templates for FREE!

Here's what you will discover right away...
- The "How to Survive......." Article Writing Template
- The "Most Common Mistakes" Article Writing Template
- Sample titles for each article writing templates
- Sample articles written using each article writing template
- How to do this over and over again to write more articles in less time whenever you want to!
- And of course, much more!

Mary Jo Zazueta

Does Your Book Have What It Takes to Become a Bestseller?

Receive a free 30-minute consultation with book shepherd, editor, and designer Mary Jo Zazueta of To The Point Solutions. Not sure what happens after you have your manuscript written? Benefit from Mary Jo's knowledge and years of experience. She will explain the necessary steps of editing, design, and ISBN/copyright rights. Not sure if you want to self-publish or sell your manuscript to a publisher? Mary Jo will discuss the pros and cons of both avenues.

Ron Louis

Discover The Lies The Publishing Industry
Doesn't Want You To Know!

In This Special Report Ron Louis, Best Selling Author of How To Succeed With Women reveals why fame does not equal fortune.

- Find out if you have "first time author syndrome"
- Avoid the 5 biggest mistakes most authors make
- Discover why landing a publishing deal can be financial suicide for your book
- The truth about how your book won't make you any real money, but what your book can do to make you a fortune
- And much, much, much more

Pete Winiarski
Founder, The Institute of Success and Goal Achievement

5 Steps to Achieving Your
Most Important Goals Teleseminar Series
from The Institute of
Success and Goal Achievement
Your Very Own Interview

Pete Winiarski is the founder of The Institute of Success and Goal Achievement. This 5-step process outlines how you can stay focused and achieve any goal, from writing your first book, to running a marathon, to anything else you set your mind to. The teleseminars are with subject matter experts who can help you to learn how to succeed at the goals that are important to you. And, Pete is a professional interviewer who interviews experts in his teleseminars. If you know enough about something to be an author, that qualifies you as an expert. You don't need a completed book to be interviewed – you will be able to contact Pete about arranging an interview.

Blythe Ayne, PHD

How to Triumph Over
Fear of Failure & Fear of Success

"How to triumph over those twin bugaboos, fear of failure & fear of success and ten ways to put them to work for you, instead of against you. Whatever your creative endeavors, this information will give you focus and inspiration!

Blythe Ayne, Ph.D., CHt is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and author working with people to manifest their heart's desire through dream work, hypnosis, and creative inspiration."

Kevin Decker

10 Simple Ways to Market Your Book

If you're going to write a book it's best to begin with the end in mind. Once you've written your book is not the right time to try and figure out what you're going to do with it. Even if, amazingly, you get a contract with publisher you must realize that as a new author they aren't going to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on promoting your book. Marketing and promotion is primarily up to you. 10 Simple Ways to Market Your Book gives you action steps that you can take right now to let buyers know about your book.
Kevin Decker is a Relationship Coach, Award Winning Speaker, Host of The Inside Romance Success Show, and Bestselling Author of "Romantic Antics: Creative Ideas for Successful First Dates, Adventurous Saturday Nights, and Playful Long Weekends"

Paul Gilchrist
Optimization Expert

Make Your Web Site #1 on Google!

Free 30 minute consultation on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Paul Gilchrist, an Optimization Expert, will talk to you about your web site and how to make it rank higher in the search engines, which will lead to more traffic and more sales.

Jo Condrill

How to Make
Mastermind Groups Pay Off (MP3)

Tap Into the Power of a Mastermind Group to find solutions to your biggest dilemmas. Joel Chue in Singapore, interviews Jo Condrill in Texas on the workings of a mastermind group—how to make mastermind groups pay off and how she got a best selling book using the process.

Tracy Repchuck

How to Make Your
First Product In Under an Hour

Teleseminar Trade Secrets by Tracy Repchuk Tracy Repchuk Bestselling author of "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles"

Teleseminars are the not so hidden secret to making an easy product, and getting on a fast track to Internet Marketing wealth. They're easy to do, fun, and within an hour you have content that you can create into a product for sale, and you can also strip it apart into bite size chunks for podcast and itunes promotions. Teleseminar Trade Secrets tells you how.

Ernest Chu

Six Days to More Powerful Prosperity E-Book

Spiritual Mind Treatments That Create Flow in Your Life and Connect Your Soul -- by Ernest Chu, author of the forthcoming breakthrough book "Soul Currency: The Secret of Being Well Paid for Doing What Really Fulfills You," which has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Alan Cohen, Barbara DeAngelis, Mark Victor Hansen and other bestselling authors.

SoulTalk Method
With Vanessa Wesley

Do You Have a Book in You,
But Are Afraid to Write It?

Vanessa Wesley co-author of Your Essential Whisper and Facilitator of The SoulTalk Method had the very same doubts and fears as many new writers have yet because she has these tools she was able to begin writing in January 2007 and submit a manuscript for publishing in May 2007!

The SoulTalk® Method is an exclusive process developed by La Rue Eppler, co-author of Your Essential Whisper, which provides solid techniques and tools to access the language of a person's inner guidance so they may release limiting thought patterns and to precisely pinpoint fears and beliefs that limit a person from being a natural success and create the life they want.

In this special offer Vanessa has put together several SoulTalk Facilitators to be available to you and provide a 30-minute FREE SoulTalk Method Session ($100 value) by phone to help you pin point the exact limiting belief that is keeping you from writing your book and dissolve it immediately. We look forward to talking to you soon and helping you write from the wisdom you are!

Warren Whitlock

How YOU Can Become A Best Selling Author!

Learn how a book can make you rich.

- The importance of in building your network of influence

- 7 free promotion tools that always work

- How to sell hundreds or thousands of the books in one day

- Six Secrets that will increase your Amazon sales results

- How to use "best seller status" to improve your reputation, get free publicity, and create new partnerships

- What steps you need to take to start selling books today... even if your book isn't published yet

- The one thing you must never do if you want to succeed as an author

- Action steps to jump start your results

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“How to Write Your First Book could be titled Stop Making Excuses and Start Writing! Jess Williams has compiled an easy-to-use template that will help any potential writer organize his or her thoughts and take that crucial first step to becoming a published author. She has taken what too often seems like an insurmountable task–putting your thoughts on paper–and broken it down into sections that can be
accomplished at one sitting.”

Mary Jo Zazueta, Book Shepherd President of


“I’m a professional writer, but I think you can always learn. Your Book Writing System template has already helped me. I was finding it hard to get started on a client’s e-book, and your Book Writing System opened the spillway. You’re a legend! Thank you!” Richard Baker


“I love your How to Write Your First Book ebook and bonus gifts! So impressive. Jess, you can feel your heart in your words. I have been putting off writing another book, but now, I have already started, thanks to you.” Anne Deidre Smith, Inner Visions Gallery


“Jess, I can’t thank you enough for the Book Writing System, as you gave me the green light I needed to begin what I have longed to do for years…write my book!” Theresa Pantano, Author of “A Story About Love ….” Melbourne, Australia


“Never having attempted to write a book, I didn’t want to be surprised or stumped by the hidden details that often come with any new endeavor. $37 seemed like worthwhile insurance. Having now read your template and bonuses, I can say they are just what I needed. I started writing on Sunday!”

Mike Staskiewicz
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“The How to Write Your First Book System is amazingly easy to get started with.I’m a published author and I’ve been struggling to write my second book for months and months. I’m using Jess Kennedy Williams system to get myself organized and in action right away. I expect my next book to be out in just a few weeks because I now have a system with a clear process to get this project completed. Everyone has a story inside them that’s yearning to get out. Get Jess’s system and start writing your book today!”

~ Kevin Decker, Co-author of Romantic Antics; Creative Ideas for Successful First Dates, Adventurous Saturday Nights, and Playful Long Weekends and Host of the Inside Romance Success Show

“If you have a book in your head you have been dying to let out, this system is for you. The template is so easy to use. Just fill in the blanks and your book is created before your eyes.” David Skill Plano, Texas

“Do you have a goal to write a book but you just can’t seem to get started? Then you should get Jess Williams’ How to Write Your First Book – Book Writing System now. It’s very straight forward and can help you convert the ideas in your head into a book in no time – just follow the steps that Jess has in her program. She has made it easy for you.

Stop thinking – do it now!”

Pete Winiarski, Coach, consultant, and speaker, and also the founder of The Institute of Success and Goal Achievement (, an organization that helps people learn from experts, including authors, through interviews via teleseminars and other media.


“I can honestly say I wish I had this system to help me when I wrote my first book. It would have saved me much time, research, money and lots, and lots of frustration. I look forward to using this simple process for writing my next one. Thank you Jess for making the book writing process tremendously easier.”

Christine Liska,
Author of Dating Differently Motivational Speaker, Courtship Coach

“Jess Kennedy Williams’ How To Write Your First Book – Book Writing System is a great way to stop talking about writing that book and start doing it. This tool helps you organize your inspiration and move forward with your process. You can use it again and again to write all those books the world is waiting for!”

Blythe Ayne, Ph.D. Author: 45 Ways to Excellent Life, Finding Your Path, Engaging Your Purpose, My Little Book of Abundance

“Jess, I’ve read through the entire Book Writing System workbook and I love what you’ve done here. You’ve simplified this down into extremely digestible pieces! Sweet!

You kept it clean and easy and I appreciate you for that.

Also, I loved all the companion bonuses, very relative and helpful! The click book resource was a very cool discovery! Thanks.And finally, I really enjoyed the quotes that were at the head of each “chapter” page. Again, very stimulating and authentically true! You’ve provided a great service.”

Cheryl Laures RN, CBM CWBE, CI Kinesiologist, Expert Personal Wellness Coach and Energy Psychology Sherpa/Facilitator


“I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have started writing the book that has been in my head for so long! Your template was the catalyst to getting me started. I’m well into the process now, thanks to you. The Book Writing System is easy and really provides the framework to help anyone stuck with writer’s block.”

Sharon ConnerThe Gift of Divorce in Midlife

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your success with using this system is completely guaranteed. In fact, here is my no holds barred, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply send me an email days telling me you are not satisfied, and I will refund your money. You keep the bonuses as my gift to you for checking it out.

That means you can check it out, use the template to start writing your book, and if you decide it is not worth every penny you invested, I will give you your money back and the bonus gifts are yours to keep.

There is absolutely no risk to you.

Look at it this way….$37 is not a big investment when you think of the returns…..the sense of pride and accomplishment you will feel when you become an author is not something you can put a price on. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


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Jess Kennedy Williams

P.S. Just think! You won’t have to suffer through another day of thinking that you should start writing your book. That idea for a book has been in your head long enough.

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